Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Go Shawn!

For the self-proclaimed best looking guy in the peloton:

Using opinions, scientific methods, darts and voodoo, we've determined that Shawn Deal of the Fiorucci/ Cycor Cycling Club will be wearing the Hefler Performance Coaching Blue Collar Jersey on day 1 of the Kazane Racing Working Man's Classic. To attend these races, according to members of Fiorucci/Cycor, Shawn is cutting his military work, driving from the penisula and putting national security at risk. If evil-doers have Bikereg, Homeland Security may have a say in this jersey. Please pick up the jersey at registration. And remember, with many worthy candidates, the judges are fickle. RIDE HARD. It'll be a great day to race.

Tom Houff, member of Hefler Performance Coaching

Ride hard, Shawn. You have an image to uphold!

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