Friday, June 13, 2008

Christmas in June

Yesterday I was working on the prizes for the State Time Trial next Sunday in Stoney Creek. There are days I get a little overwhelmed. I admit it. Ok, a lot overwhelmed.

At lunchtime I zip down to Fiorucci Foods in Colonial Heights. I had asked Carey for prize bags for the time trial. When I got there, she had 50 bags, beautifully packaged waiting for me. She even had thought out in advance and knew that I needed shelf stable product. Fiorucci is a small, family owned Italian specialty meat company. They know cycling. Thank God for them. They have made my life so much easier. I’ll be working with Carey to bring them out to some cycling events near you for tasting days. Ask for their products at your deli counter. And if you go by Walmart, you can pick up their Rostello brand ham in Walmart’s deli case as well.

After work, I pull into the parking lot of Crump Park for the Thursday night World Championships. First to me was Julie, bringing me a car load full of prizes from our good friend, Sally Snead of Stellina Imports- Alan North America. I had asked Sally off the cuff if she could give me a tire or two, maybe a few water bottles. What she gave me was a car load of stuff- from fancy carbon fibre end plugs, to boxes of handle bar tape, water bottles, a set of tubular tires, and 2 wind jackets. Overwhelmed doesn’t exactly cut it.

By the way, you know Sally. She races here in VA (not this year due to back surgery) for River City Racing- Marshall Mechanical. She is also the importer of Challenge tires, and those killer Alan bikes that you see the boys of Richmond Pro Cycling and Ann Hardy/Emily Helmbolt riding. She’ll be working at the registration table, and her husband, Chris will be riding. Please say hi to them on Sunday!

Not to be outdone, Jenn then came up with boxes of stuff from Endorphin Fitness for the junior riders. Even if your child isn’t entered, we have temporary tattoos for them. Michael has an excellent junior program at Endorphin and is a prime mover in getting kids on bikes. Michael will also be out no the course transporting junior riders back from their finish line. You know Michael’s excellent coaches, one of whom is Craig from Richmond Pro Cycling! Michael will have a tent at the race. Please stop by and talk to him about his great programs for both juniors and us Seniors!

Oh, and Jackie Starkey of Therapeutic Sports Massage! How could I forget Jackie who was the one who rushed to me to help out! Jackie is giving us 4 gift certificates for massages. She and her crew will be at the time trial doing massage for $1 per minute. Before you jump back in your car to go home, do your legs a favor and loosen them up. Having a massage from a talented cyclist is the nicest thing you can do for a hard working body.

And coming on Sunday, Chip Goble, of Natures Path will be giving us those fabulous NP grocery bags (save the planet ban plastic bags!) and yummy bars for everyone! I’m seriously addicted, and I know you are, too!

Julie normally crashes at my house since she comes out to ride from Hooterville (Tappahannock). Happily I had to send her home last night. There was simply no room at the Inn with all the stuff I have in her room. I may have to leave my bike at home on Sunday. I’m not sure how I’m going to transport all this stuff.

Times are tough. Not just for us, but for businesses who sponsor us. I barely had to ask before these businesses leaped at the chance to help us out. When you choose which businesses to patronize, I hope you choose the ones that choose to support cycling. And when you do, I hope you tell them the reason why you chose them. They need to know! There is no such thing as the moral majority- it’s the vocal majority. Be part of the noise!

Thanks for all your support! And I hope everyone rides really fast next Sunday at Stoney Creek!

Karen Hanson
Rostello presented by Fiorucci

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