Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Power tap w/open pro wheel for sale

I picked this up on Sunday, and WON a set of Zipp 404 w/power tap yesterday. I don’t feel like taking the ones I bought from Performance back (Open Pro wheels with Power tap hub and computer), so if you want them, here’s the deal -
Price with tax/shipping would be almost $1075. I got them for 20% off,had points, and don’t want to have to drive into town.

So if you want them, $800 firm, let me know. I’ll be at Langley on Sunday, GFTL and of course, since I’m the race director, at the Fiorucci State TT on the 22nd.

CycleOps PowerTap 7005p Cyclocomputer w/ Mavic Open Pro Wheel - I am NOT selling the Zipps!

All because this Zipp is what I'm going to have now! Thanks Pacific Health Labs. Thanks US Postal Service for delivering MOST of the post cards that I sent. Did you know that contests ask for 3 x5 " post cards, but the US Postal Service requires that mail be at least 3.5 x 5.5"?

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