Monday, June 23, 2008

The Fat Lady Sings

Well, it's over. Geez, I'm tired.

Now that I have had a nights sleep, I'm thinking about next year all ready. Sick, aren't I...

Of course, it is the State Time Trial. Except for the turn around crew/officials stopping or slowing Laura Cook, I think things pretty well went off without a hitch. Poor Laura, there was a junior rider missing on course, she was wearing a yellow skin suit, Laura was too, so they thought that tiny little Laura was the junior until it was too late. (and yes, the junior rider was found.)

Me, I was able to turn over registration to River City racing the day of, and they did a rockin' good job. Julie's husband Dave helped Bill and Jenn do awards. Cliff and crew managed the turn around, and everything just kind of happened around me.

Which was good as I really wanted to do a good time. Try that after not sleeping for days.... I gave it my all, and got 2nd. Sharon said that she looked up at me as I went by, I was probably breathing so hard that she could hear me for miles. I was pushing a huge gear, and totally in the moment. I hope I was able to say something other than gak, or something equally unpronounceable. I had everything I had on the line.

Other people were able to say things, and there were all kind of "Go KAREN's" coming from all over the course. How other people can ride, breathe and speak is beyond me. I was not capable of it. Thanks for the encouragement guys. It really helped.

As soon as I got off the bike, Sally Swann gave me water, then a water bottle so that I could go out on the tandem with Neal. God love Neal. He literally got in from the tt course, grabbed a bottle and made a drink and we were on the road. No kidding. Gilbert was screaming for us to get on the line NOW!

So there we were... two very, very tired puppies, who had never ridden together. Neal is a fabulous partner. We started like two pros, and promptly died very shortly there after. I don't know how Bill Collins was able to ride this course last year, twice, and do both efforts under an hour. Heck, Neal and I got passed by the "fresh" tandem team in about 30 seconds. On the way back, instead of enjoying the tail wind we were enjoying serious cramps, butt aches, and fatigue.

Neal was some of the best company that I've ever bonked with. I'd ride with him again, any day. I bet he is a big enough masochist to do it again, too. Neal, you rule the world!

I zipped into the rescue squad( more like waddled) and sat down to start writing checks to get the police off the clock. Five checks, that's what I immediately had to write. It took ten to do it right. I was soooo tired. The poor officer had to watch me fumble thru check after check trying to get it right.

Then James insisted that I had to get up and change as I was drooling all over the table. I thought I was going to have to call for help. I couldn't get the shoes off. James did hold off on telling me that my shirt was on backwards for a little while, though. He also got a wash rag and cleaned me up. Thanks, stinky older brother. Not many people would get near someone who smelled as bad as I did, at least not voluntarily.

There are all kinds of wonderful stories, and great pictures out there. Blogspot wouldn't take photos this morning but we'll get some posted. Until then, go to and get a gander at BJ's.

I wish I could go take a nap. Work calls,

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