Monday, June 9, 2008

PLT Swelterfest

This is what you look like at the start line of a 22.6 mile tt on a caustically hot day. Good thing BJ wasn't taking photos at the finish line, as I'm sure that I looked a whole lot worse for wear crossing the line. Welcome back BJ, even if it's only in a photog role. As good as you looked, you too will be back kicking my ass in no time!

The girls in the tt group really are a cool bunch. Fat Frog's Glenda was talking smack with me at the start line right before this photo. I'm not what Pete calls one of those "weensie" girls, so I told Glenda that if she thought she was going to pass me she should know that I used to run cross country. Cross country is a contact sport. I told her that I'd just hip check her and she'd end up in a ditch. Or covered in snot. I had enough Vicks smeared on to get me thru the swamp that I was pretty sure that my sinus's were going to be free flowing.

It is hard to know what you can do under adverse conditions. It either goes well, or really bad. For me, it went really well. A 30 second pr, and second place. For my team mate Bill Battle, it went great as he took like 3 minutes off his best time. Bill has lost a ton of weight, and has been training like a fiend. It shows, and he goes!

Super Maria positively stomped me. I think she beat me by two minutes. That's what I call a good old fashioned butt kicking. I keep coming though!

Jenn at the start- on the way to a good day 1:09
Col. Sharon on her way to her first ever tt, after a scorcher of a day at the Beach the day before...
Not every day can be text book. I tell everyone that police are there to direct traffic, not bikers. Poor Sonya took a wrong turn on the way back in which cost her big time. That's ok, she was 2nd at the crit championships the day before. Sonya rocks!

And the best news of the day? The little kitten that Christina's dog brought home has found a home. Be a pal, please spay and neuter your cats. There are waay too many homeless cats out there, there are low or no cost clinics everywhere. The Richmond SPCA every spring does FREE spay neuters. This little guy is lucky, there are thousands in shelters right now who wont be.



whew!!! yeah, that one was a hot one for sure. i don't think i've ever sweat that much in such a short period of time before. every one did good though, looking forward to seeing the results posted.

Jennifer said...

The results are posted on VA Cycling now! Woohoo!