Thursday, June 26, 2008

Behold The Power of Meat

So last night we go out and do a nice ride thru the wilds of Goochland, Hanover, and Louisa. All good. Ok, maybe the smoke from those fires in NC wasn't good... We had a minor dog chase, some good company, and had some nice fast stretches.

We get back to Camp Runamuck and the guys abandon us. Yeah, left me and J high and dry. So what are two lonely women left on their own going to do? Yep, we went off to the Barrelthief for a nice dinner, and some luscious wine. What is really cool about this place is that it is a full service wine store, complete with 12 special wines a week that you can do tastings of. Just pop in, and drink away... They have a small kitchen that puts out really nice salads, small plates and sandwiches. Best yet, you see a bottle of wine that you like, and you can drink it there- no inflated restaurant wine prices and NO corkage fee.

Yum. You got to try this lovely rose' 2007 C. dePeyrassol Cd Provence Rose'. Light, luscious, just off -sweet. It went perfectly with my mango/shrimp skewers and J's veggie wrap. Being the respectful people we are, we both had a glass out of the bottle and got the rest of the bottle bagged to go.

Have I mentioned that Julie has a serious need for speed? Or that her right foot weighs more than her whole body? There we were, laughing on the phone with Cliff, cruising down Broad St (45 mph) and J looks at me, tells Cliff that she was about to get a ticket, and hands me the phone. Yep, there is J, going 65. So I pick up that wrapped up bottle of wine, put it in the back seat under her bike, and we prepare to get nailed for 20 mph over the speed limit...

And then, the miracle happens. I don't know how the boys did it, but somehow my protection has extended to J. I think it must have been the BUBBLES that she brought to the TT. I know the guys liked that. Or maybe it was that J is helping me bring the payoff on Saturday. Whatever it was, there was J, about to pull over, and all of a sudden the cop pulls over a mini van to our left that was going much slower than she was!

So boys, I don't know how you infiltrated the Henrico police, but I guess that protection is really paying off. J is going to pick up something extra for the ride on Saturday. Knowing her, this could be scary. If we had known that you all could keep her from getting traffic tickets, we'd have brought out the Fiorucci meat MUCH EARLIER!

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