Thursday, June 5, 2008

Richmond Biking in da newz

It's funny how the Richmond metro area has a love/hate relationship with bikes. I think the City has pretty much figured out that outdoor sports are something that brings in tourists and $$. At the same time, they don't actually seem to want to support biking.

From the latest fiasco over the purchase of the property for the Richmond end of the Capitol to Capitol Trail- still on hold and who knows if the owner will continue to hold off any other takers until the City figures things out, to delays on trail usage/maint agreements, etc... there are things you can certainly complain about.

But... downtown Richmond has some of the best bike trails around. There are fire roads for newbies all the way up to Buttermilk Heights for the more experienced folks. Not to mention all the cool kayaking possibilities in the area. Richmond is an outdoor person's mecca. Where else can you see Eagles nesting, get in some good white water, and mountain bike in a capitol city? Why Juneau Alaska. Richmond is a lot closer. Warmer, too.

So if you come to Richmond, and stay in a hotel, or eat in a restaurant, tell the purveyor why you are there. Want to see support for biking in Richmond? Make it an economic issue. The Sportsbackers have done a great job of showing the economic impact of the Richmond Marathon on the local community. Maybe that's what us bikers have to do-show that we are an economic force.

Anyway, good job Richmond-More on the fabulous trails in the City. Great job in your on-going efforts to improve mountain biking and the trails. You all ROCK! I'm glad to see your efforts covered in the paper.

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