Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Sad Ride

I got home last night and decided to go out on an easy ride. It was probably 97 degrees, code orange ozone air, the works. 100 meters after I started, James called. I was standing in the shade just running water. I looked down at my two water bottles and decided to go for it anyway, knowing that I was going to be drinking all night to make up for it.

Nope, this isn't another how hot is it ride report. Everyone knows how hot it is. This is a I hate stupid people report.

A few weeks ago I took the extension around Holy Grove and as I came back to Taylors Creek a really nice English Setter trotted across the road in front of me. I gave Cliff a call and told him that since it was probably one of his relatives he might want to tell them their dog was gonna get smushed if it kept doing that.

Well last night, there the dog was. Someone had hit it, and then picked him up and carefully laid him out in the yard. I stopped the bike and just howled.

I have an acre fenced in for the dogs. $1500 for the posts and gates, and some of my team mates (Bill) came over and helped string 4' goat fencing. My house needs a new roof. My dogs got a play yard. Next project is to build a dog run in shed, like for horses, just in case it rains while I'm out. My dogs don't run free.

Stupid people just piss me off. If you are going to have an animal, take care of it.

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mike said...

you have my permission to revisit that house and make it windowless.