Monday, June 16, 2008

Sharon takes the WIN!

Yep, that's Col. Sharon racing in her new team Rostello colors. You've been seeing her all Spring racing for Team Army. And watching her get dropped race after race. What you don't get to see is how hard Sharon works week in and week out. Sharon is always first to me to ask, "Ok, coach, what's the plan? What's my job?"

She is also first to me on every training ride to ask what her goal is on the day. If I tell her job is to attack the pack on every hill... when we get to every hill, there she goes. If I tell her her job is to stay in the front 1/3 of the pack and stay out of trouble, that's where she'd be. I have to tell her exactly how many interval sets to do, because she is always going to try to squeeze one more in.

What happens when you are smart and you work that hard? You win! That's Sharon after crossing the line first at the Farm Bureau crit!
What was even nicer were the comments that she got. My favorite was from team mate Shawn that went something like: "F' THAT! How do you go from lapped to first?" And of course from the '08 cat 4 women's star, Noni, who gave Sharon the biggest hug and expressed what we all feel... that no one has worked harder, and deserved it more.
All this after I badgered her to get on her track bike as we got them to combine the women's keirin with the guys. I think she got two or 3 1/4 mile laps of warm up in before she had to be on the line and almost beat me.
Congratulations Sharon. Noni is right. No one deserves it more!

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pretty bad ass, went from feeling like crap thursday to whooping them on sunday, very nice.....