Monday, June 16, 2008

More weekend winners

I'm always in awe of the talented mountain bikers on our team. That's Paula who will rip your legs off and smile at you when she hands them back. To make it worse, she can do it on a road bike or a mountain bike. Paula was 1rst Expert Woman at the Urban Assault.
That's Paula flying over a berm. If that had been me, the next shot would have been of me going over, and over and over and over ala Wiley Coyote. That's why I stick to the road pretty much. For me it's just safer!
What an awsome looking bunch! Who says Mtn bikers have to be scruffy?
Tom Richeson showing how to decend thru rocks. Tom usually blows everyone wheels off. This day he broke his chain, FIXED it on the trail and still managed to come in 3rd Expert 40+. I can fix a flat. Usually. Anyone who can do this stuff, on the trail, in the heat of competition is an ace in my book. (Tom has this wicked little giggle thing he does... you just know that there are all kinds of evil thoughts going on in that head of his!)
I think that was Paula's husband Frank. I could be wrong. Frank is another one of those do it all kind of guys. He was 5th Expert 40+.

Way to go guys and gals. Tom Doyle also punched his ticket to Hawaii in the Richmond Xterra Championships winning the 60-64 men's division. Kristin won the junior women 10-14 race at the Farm Bureau Crit, I won the women's keirin- Sharon was 2nd, Sharon won the women's cat 4 race, I was 2nd 40+. I think we had some other nice placements in there as well.

Congratulations ya'll!

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Wow, the team really cleaned house this weekend, and that other person catching air is sam perry on his full rigid, 29er single speed. rock on guys and gals