Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Spin Mafia Ride

Today was it, the day that the girls affectionately known as "Ham on Wheels" had to meet up with the Mafia boys to deliver the goods. All good, except for the fact that the air was soupy thick, the heat was rising, and dumb ass me, left my inhaler at home. Sense a wee bit of anxiety here?

I knew things were going to go good when the ride behavior announcement happened. I really don't know why more rides don't do this. And, do it up front. How hard is it to state what the behaviour is on a particular ride? Don't want people riding on the wrong side of the road? Say so! (That Thursday night ride I did sure as hell could have been improved by a few people riding safer, let me tell you!)

Anyways, the Spin Mafia guys and gals were wonderful. Julie got one of those rare flats, and Cliff and I dropped back to help her. We got a little up the road and the phone rang, and Katie told us that she was dropping back. Before we got to her, Mafia John was there to pace us back up to her, and Maria/Gwynne. Riding behind John... words can't express. He is smooth, oh, so smooth. It was like riding on rails. Good on you John, the Rostello girls LOOOOVE you!

Come on now... how many rides would send a trusted lieutenant back to shepherd the newbies on the ride back into the fold? Now I know Powhattan, but I really doubt that I could have remembered how to get back to the start point from where we were!

And thanks Don for the entertaining dog chase! It's not often that we get harassed by such a fierce guardian of his domain. Mighty mite little dog made damn sure that we kept going while his back up looked on from a safer vantage point, on the porch.

All I needed for a perfect day, was a push to get my big butt up that last hill. Criminy, it's just mean to go up, then slow, then turn left, and go up MORE! Protection should come with pushes, you know?

Thanks, ya'll for a wonderful morning. The Rostello girls tip our helmets to you!


Don Vito said...

Veni, vidi, vici - Julius Caeser, 47 BC

Well done. Y'all earned your stripes. There's no turning back, you're part of the Mafia now and we all know that there is only one way to get out of the mob!

cherie said...

Sorry I missed you gals..I was chilling for a race on Sunday. You must be talking about John Messersmith. He and Rat have got to be the smoothest riders around.

You learned the secret of the Spin Mafia..truly like family, you just feel safe with them.

Hope you girls will come out again, the ride can use a tad more estrogen. :) Cherie