Thursday, July 3, 2008

Goin' to the mountains

I came in to the office today after 3 days off to find 393 emails. That doesn't count the few thousand that are in my junk folder, some of which probably contain suit papers and other do NOW stuff. I'm here for a few hours and then me and the girls head down to Roanoke for a fun 3 days of racing on Mill Mountain.

Unfortunately for me, this isn't the Tour, and there will be no Tifosi out there giving me pushes the whole way up. I am still vertically challenged, and while Mill Mountain might be short, it sure makes up for it quickly.

I bought a new swim suit, got a good book, and I'm hoping to work on my cyclists tan while we are down there. Wearing a sundress with about 8 different tan lines (or lack of tan lines) may id you as a cyclist, but it also just looks dorky. (of course after a glass or three of wine, who cares?) I'm bringing the wine, so I may recover from the whole swimsuit experience.

The Mafia sent me a picture of the post ride libations from last week. Geez, what a bunch of cuties in that picture... hmmm, I may have to come back and bring some more girlies to balance things out!

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