Friday, July 11, 2008

Bad happenings...

Everyone has heard about the horrific road rage crash out in California. What I think is particularly disturbing about the incident, besides the fact that the guy was an ER Doc and tried to kill the cyclists and then refused them aid, was that apparently this was the second time he had done it that had been reported to the police. The first police report had his car description and license plate number, and the police didn't follow thru.

Maybe if they had, two guys wouldn't be in the hospital right now...

There is no excuse for this behavior. From anyone. I hope his medical license is revoked, he looses his shirt, and spends some time getting his a-hole stretched.

Apparently the residents of the canyon have some good reason to be unhappy with cyclists though. Come on, lets be honest here. Residents reported being spit on by cyclists, and cyclists doing other bad things.

Cyclists doing bad things? Noooooo....

I had a ton of emails this morning about a ride last night. I wasn't there folks, I was getting wined and dined by one of my law firms.

All I can tell you is this... the only person's behavior I can control is my own. I can choose to ride with jerks or not. I choose not to. You can also choose not to ride with people who's behavior bothers you. When no one will ride with the jerks, maybe they'll get the hint.

If you want to race your bike, race your bike. Train hard, but training rides are NOT races. When on the road, obey the rules of the road. Act courteously. Maybe a lot of motorists treat cyclists bad because cyclists treat motorists bad. Or not.

The next person who tells me to tell others to ride nice... unless you get an agreement from the group, that the Divine Miss K can bring my training shock collar, it is not going to happen. Sorry, those people don't want to ride better, they are too busy holding on for dear life. I agree a little zap might be effective, but I think it's illegal for me to strap the shock collar on them without their permission!

Just remember, if you are on a ride where unsafe behavior is occurring, and the ride causes people not on the ride to get hurt... you are going to get sued as well. You are complicit by being there. People don't like cyclists, and people sit on juries. Hope you have a LARGE umbrella policy just in case.

I'm just sayin', you know?

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fabsroman said...

Like I tell everybody, there are idiots/jerks in every societal group and profession (e.g., cyclists, attorneys (of which I am one), CPA's (of which I am one), doctors, construction workers, financial analysts, motorists, basketball players, football players, hockey players, etc.). You get my point. The problem is that the few bad apples leave a bad impression on people and probably for a long time.

Simply put, bad people are bad people. Usually, they don't think about others before themselves, or how their actions might irritate somebody else.

If everybody played nice, wouldn't this world be a great place? Might be less jobs for attorneys though. LOL

By the way, I have a double set of shock collars that are controlled by a single handler's unit. You are more than welcome to use it if you find you need it.