Monday, July 21, 2008

Thanks for short towels?

We had a wonderful weekend of racing in Central Virginia. Thanks so much to our friends at Natures Path (esp. to Carolyn in her first stint as a race director) and to Braden and the crew at Carytown Bikes for the circuit race on Sunday. Braden, I hope you heal fast with no complications after your crash!

Random thoughts from the weekend...

If you use the port a potty, please make sure you actually get said material in the hole. This is not rocket science, and your cycling buddies have to use said house of ... after you. If you miss the hole, you need to go back to pre-school for potty training, but first you need to clean up after yourself.

As a race director you can control a whole lot of what happens on race day. You can not prevent people from doing dumb stuff. IE you can not prevent people who live on the course from starting fires. I always expect "stuff" to happen, but even I'll admit that that one was a first!

Short towels... this one is from Sharon.... Guys, if you are going to do the shorts shimmy, get a full size or larger towel. And make sure that the "opening" isn't at the front. Unless of course you really want everyone to see your little pony package. In that case, be a man and just strip naked for all to see like my Irish soccer (football) friends do. I wont give you a list of all the guys' packages I've seen, as after a bike race they don't tend to be all that memorable, anyway...

We have a great bunch of people at bike races... (ok, a few jerks, too) Thanks to Dr Marc for checking out whatever that red streak and down my arm was (celulitis.) J wanted me to have the arm amputated and Marc, being the voice of reason, thought that maybe we should wait a day or two to do that, and try antibiotics first. Which he then called in for me... To Gwynne, Emily, Rhonda and Tom for helping me through the pesky asthma attack. Rhonda, I hope I didn't scare your kids too bad. Who would have thought there'd be a fire on the course!

Biggest thought... yes, you can put on a race. If Carolyn Goble can step up to the plate, and in a few months pull a really nice race out of her bag of tricks, you can as well. Good job, Carolyn. And when you get out of your post-race coma, we'll have a drink together!

Oh, well, another great weekend over. Ya'll be good out there!


John P. said...

LOL. Pony Package. :)

Stormyva said...

They have a "cure" for those short towels.... it's called a Sport Kilt

You ought to see Gilbert in his it's hilarious! But then again it's much better than a towel seeing as for him just about any towel would be short!