Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Photogs Rock

Cycling is some kinda cool. You race your butt off, drive for hours, get home, and then get to live it all over again days later when the list serve posts start popping up with all the cool photos that the family members have taken. If I haven't said it before, THANKS! Mega Thanks!

Here is Jake on a bike instead of "on his toes" getting his first crit win. I took one look at that course and knew that it had Jake written all over it. Maybe there is something to massive doses of caffeine and those really weird compression tights after all.

Julie sticking it to Mill Mountain. Thats such a good photo that you can pretty much see the fillet o'leg scars that run half way down her quad to her calf.
Col. Sharon, never, ever giving up. Even though her bike wouldn't stay in any particular gear. If you were an insurgent, would you want her coming after you? I thought not.

Some day I'm going to have to prove that I'm worthy of those new wheels! This was me, practicing looking good climbing, cause Lord knows, I'm not! I must have fooled a few people because guys were coming up to me after the race Sunday telling me that they had no idea I could climb like that. (I can't, it was a stunt double.)

So for all of you who go to races, take great photos and then throw them out for everyone to share, we love you!


John P. said...

You do look like a climber in that pic. NICE Wheels!

Karen said...

See I fooled you, too!

Jennifer said...

What fierce looking women!

Oh and Jacob looks hardcore too. Haha!


i feel so left behind, i should have tried to my wife into letting me go for the weekend :(