Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I could eat a cow

You know how it goes, sometimes you just get deeply hungry. You know, the I'm so hungry I could eat a cow hungry. Just run up to one, grab it by the butt and sink your teeth in ala lioness type hungry.(not really, have you seen what cow's butts look like? But you get the idea...)

Coming back from Blacksburg on Sunday I told J that we HAD to stop at Cracker Barrel. I was just going to get one of those grilled chicken on a salad things. Yeah, but then she had to ask about biscuits, oh, and apple butter. So then I ordered french fries, too. And we waited... and waited for the food to come. All around us people were getting platters of fried chicken.

Do you know how good fried chicken smells? Some days around here you can smell Ukrops fried chicken for miles. It literally pulls you into the store. Karen, eat me, I'm fried... grease is good for you!

I thought I was going to have to beat up someone and steal their food. It was a close call.

Finally, the salads came and we wolfed them down. Good, but not enough. Not even the french fries helped.

I made a huge batch of brownies for everyone, and didn't eat any of them. Maybe I should have eaten brownies. I don't know. All I know is that I'm still so hungry that I could attack a cow. And that oatmeal I had for breakfast is just not cutting it.

Bossy, be very, very worried...

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