Wednesday, July 23, 2008

They're out there

Sunday at Bryan Park J and I were treated to a mother hawk teaching her kids how to fly. I think we could have watched the show all day. Just think of a parent trying to teach a kid to jump off the high dive... there was a whole lot of shouting, pleading, cajoling, threatening, and then flying off in disgust... (while shouting, pleading, cajoling) Then the more precocious kid decided to show up the sibling, and took off! Of course this left said sibling, screaming how unfair the whole deal was. And then he had to take off too.

It was a great show. Hey, I'm a geek, what can I say.

James always laughs that I only see dead critters. Its not true. I see live stuff all the time. Sometimes I see bears, lots of foxes, coyotes on occasion. The memorable dead stuff are the beasties that I know are out there, that are better at hiding. Like bobcats. I only get to see them when they've been hit by cars. I'd just as soon not see them that way, thank you.

Last night I got to see about 30 wild turkeys and their pults, a sight that since the coyotes have started to move in I don't get to see very often. The coyotes are also doing a serious number on the poor foxes, and pretty much the feral cats in Louisa and Goochland are going the way of the passenger pigeon. Thats not a bad thing in my opinion. Feral cats do a bad number on the native critter population.

What I didn't see last night, but certainly felt, was the onslaught of the horse flies. Sheesh, they have to be all bite and brain. I have no idea how they know exactly where to bite you and when, so that you can't get back at them. For me, it was on the butt, twice, on the big hill on my ride. First time I almost fell off the bike. You would have thought that would have made me climb faster, and you'd be wrong. It made me climb swinging my arms like a lunatic.

I don't know why people ride with Ipods and stuff. I have all the additional stimulation I need just by looking.

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