Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Good things

Sunday my Garmin kept dying. I thought maybe I hadn't charged it properly, so I came home and checked everything out. It was all fine. Then I recharged the sucker, just in case. Went out for a ride on Monday, and within two minutes it was dead again. Rebooted, and two minutes later it was dead again.

So I called Garmin support this morning. After a twenty minute hold I got a tech who had me clear the unit. I'll ride tonight and if it does it again, they gave me a tech number, told me to let them know that I was sending it, and they'd send me a new one within a week.

No muss, no fuss, just plain good customer service. Not only do they have good products, and well trained people, they also sponsor a certain bike racing team. Why would you buy from anyone else!

Then comes the best part of Summer... tomato sandwiches. Fresh from my garden, big, fat beef steak tomatoes... a little pepper, Miracle Whip on whole wheat toast. Make it even better with colby cheese and bacon. Or just plain tomatoes with pepper. Caprese salad- tomatoes, basil mozzarella and olive oil. Tomatoes rule. Thank God for the garden. I'd go broke without it.

I'll even salute the doe who keeps eating all my peaches. She really does liven things up, but caring is sharing. I'd like to get one or two peaches this year!

The last good thing for the day.... is a mixed blessing. Ricco admits to drug use and they don't have to have a long, drawn out mess before they hang him. I really hate to see people dragged thru the mud, and sometimes I question the tactics used to catch the cheats. But I have to admire a rider who when they are caught admits to what they did. And yes, I think there should be two levels of punishment for those who fess up and help clean up the sport and for those who force big trials.

I'm off to buy a converter box for the tv. One more gadget for the technologically stupid...

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John P. said...

So right about the garden. To go a summer without at least one(dozen) BLfreshfromthegardenT sandwich(es) is just wrong. Go Garmin!