Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The chicks ride season 3

We're down to the last weeks of the chick's ride, and like the end of racing season, I'm getting bummed. Last night was the first night of the 5 minutes per week rule. Normally the ride starts at 6, and last night, it started at 5:55, next week 5:50, etc... Daylight gets to be a precious thing this time of year.
The funny thing that coincides with the lack of daylight is that everyone's fitness level goes thru the roof this time of year. We had our fastest ride of the season last night, I was told over 18 mph. After the racing season ended, I took off the computer on my bike so I didn't have a clue how fast we were going. When we started the season, we were averaging about 15 mph, so this is a great improvement! I felt it, after 3 hard days of riding this weekend I was looking forward to a rest day, but they weren't going to let me have one!
Next year I'm going to see about teaming up with the Trigirls and expanding the ride. The plan is to have multiple levels on the road so that we can have an "A" ride, "B" ride etc... There are some very talented women in that group, and maybe I can encourage some of them to bite the bullet and try a bike race!

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