Monday, September 24, 2007

These are a few of my favorite things

Castelli Kiss Shorts- Wow. I just bought two pair, and not only do they fit like a glove and don't bind anywhere, but they also come in cool colors like red and royal blue. Nice.

Badger Balm- even your Princess Butt deserves a little TLC.

The New '08 Ultegra. Face it, I have small hands. Reaching shifters is a pain. The adjustable reach shifters were a good idea, but in reality, anything that is designed to shift both a double and triple is just not going to do either well. I have two bikes with the adjustable shifters and I hate them. The '08 stuff is not only lighter, but is designed to have a smaller reach over all. Thanks Shimano, you got this right.

Champion sunglasses at Target. They cost 15-20 bucks, do a good job, look good and when I loose them, I dont cry.

Terry Butterfly saddles- I've tried just about every saddle out there, and this is the absolute go-to for me. (for most women in fact.) Fizik might be the go to for guys, but I thought they were torture devices.

Ken Burns- Nobody does documentaries like this guy, and the new one on WWII last night had me in tears.

Tami Hoag, Jonathan and Faye Kellerman, Diana Gabaldon- my favorite authors. (I read a lot)

Netflix- who has time to go to the movies, heck, who has time to watch movies? I can get a movie, like The Hard Road, and watch it over a week and then send it back without penalty.

Spanish Cava- Yum. After a century, with peaches, its just the best.

New bikes and old bikes- I love my new LaPierre.I certainly wouldnt have thought that I'd be comfortable on a scandium bike on a century, but I was. My Merlin Extralight has been my go to bike for years and is always there for me.

Specialized Shooz- they are comfortable, stiff and 1/2 the cost of Sidis.

Infinite- what a great company! For just about the same price as Accelerade(yuck), you can design your own sports drink, down to calories, sodium, caffine, protein, flavor and how strong the flavor. And the company stores your "design" for later use, and if you dont like your design, they'll redo it free.

Now I'm off to get paint for the doors, not a favorite thing, and then to take Cliff's bike to the doctors. Have a great day!

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