Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Newt points?

Long ago and far away J and I created "turtle points" kind of a K and J version of indulgences designed to reward us for saving all the little tackers that we know that God loves so much, that people keep squashing on the road. I use my points to make up for the fact that I cuss way too much. So last night went a long way to get me out of my perpetual deficit!
These little guys are about an inch long, maybe a centimeter wide. Aren't they beautiful! With the measly amount of rain that we got last night, the newts come out onto the "big rock" to warm up, where they meet a bad end. If the cars don't get them, the big rock does. When the asphalt dries, it dries these little guys, leaving newt mummies behind.
So poor Bill had to suffer thru having me stop over and over on the road last night to grab the little guys. They are very sweet, very calm, and probably pretty pissed when I take them off the warm asphalt and put them back in the woods. But, at least they get to live another day.
So if you go out for a ride, after the rain, keep an eye peeled for something that kinda sorta looks like a gold leaf on the road. You too might be able to gain a few turtle points for your efforts!

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