Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Princess Butt

You've heard of the movie The Princess Bride, then there is the princess and the pea, and the Princess Diana waive. Well, nothing as glamorous as that, I have what J calls, a "princess butt." Yes, its kind of like the princess and the pea, where my royal ass just has to have everything its way.

I am not alone in this. My hero, Oscar (Freire to you peasants) has an even bigger princess butt than me. Now I've had to have one saddle sore cut out, Oscar seems to have a standing appointment for the suckers. Darn. If you cant sit on the saddle, its a wee bit hard to win the World Championships, now isn't it. Of course, Oscar has won 3x, and is due up for win #4. Watching that one win, when he bunny hopped the median, and raced up the other side of the road, damn, he's the man.

My latest whinefest started the other day when it was like 99.99% humidity and I was dumb enough to go out in a new pair of shorts, with no chamois cream. All it takes is one little stitch that doesn't lay down perfectly flat, and whammo, I come back in with a 3" scrape that when I got in the tub put me in orbit. Since I ride everyday, that sucker has gotten bigger and bigger to the point that the princess butt is now covered in tegaderm. I'm going to have to buy stock in that stuff, I have a whole medicine cabinet full of it!

So if you see me sitting a wee bit gingerly on my throne, remember, I am a royal pain in the ass!

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