Wednesday, September 19, 2007

They say its your birthday

Ok, so it was yesterday...

It's really funny, now that I race bikes, race horses and I now have something in common. No, not speed. It's birthdays! Bike racers and thoroughbreds may have a date of birth, but our ages start January 1 of every year. So I was 42 January 1, and 42 yesterday. Kinda takes the bang out of the second one now doesn't it! Although, no one gave me any stuff on January 1, which was kind of deflating.

Last night was the chick's ride, but with the end of the season, Greg and SanDee slumming in France, and Vendorfest at the office, attendance was way down. Excitement was way up. With just 4 of us, there were feints, attacks, accelerations on hills and a lot of laughter. I cant think of a better way to spend the day. It had better have been good, as I passed up dinner at Flemmings with one of my big law firms. Trust me, the booze was flowing there last night, and since the big partner in that firm also has a wine shop, I know that he was working the wine steward at Flemmings overtime. I may be the only one in this office without a hangover today.

So when you see me next year on January 1, dont forget the presents. I have a much better chance of actually going out and partying on the off season day, than the end of the season in September. And remember, I like wine. The good stuff. I bet Bruce can hook you up with some.

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Podium Girl said...

Happy Birthday young one!