Monday, September 10, 2007

What exactly is old?

From today's Velonews live coverage of the Vuelta...

"4:54 PM In case you feel like whining
about your advancing years, here's a news item for you. Jeannie Longo has been named to the French squad for world's. The race in Stuttgart is just a month shy of Longo's 49th birthday. She's one of our heroes."

Damn straight. And if you ever want to read something hysterically funny, there is an old Velobella story on their website about when one of the Bella's hosted Jeannie's team. Jeannie came into her house, and then proceeded to clean, including the bathroom! Jeannie, you are welcome at my house any time. I'll even supply the cleaning materials! (by the way, the Velobella's website is some kind of funny in case you ever have an extra few hours on your hand to go surfing.)

And Bella girls... We want GRASSHOPPER! Dee Dee where are you?

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