Monday, September 10, 2007

Waiting to exhale

One of the things that I love most about cycling is that while a lot of us like to go fast, there are lots of people who like to go slow. There is room in the world for both styles of riding. While I dont think that I could ride a recumbant, I'm thrilled to death that they are out there for the people who need them. I also think that it would be really cool to do a slow, self-supported ride cross country, as long as self-supported ment staying in hotels.

What I dont like is people that can't relax and see the world for the cool place that it is. Hey, I used to speed like a deamon, but just dont anymore. There really isn't anyplace that I need to get to that I cant wake up 10 minutes earlier to get to at a relaxed pace. Yep, it means that I'm on the road before 5 am to get to the PLT type races, but I arrive without being stressed out.

Which brings me to the small problem that I have with people on Sunday mornings, who are late for church, who try to squash me like a bug when I'm out on my bike. Um, in VA, you have to give me 2' clearance. No, thats not 2' from the drivers window, but from the passenger side MIRROR! Lets look at it from a "What would Jesus do?" point of view. Think the thou shalt not kill means anyone except cyclists when you are LATE for church?

Other than that Sunday's ride was great. There was lifting fog, and the world looked like it was wrapped in fairy dust. At one point, the sun came thru at just the perfect angle, and my dew laden arm hair turned silver in the light. It was magic. The horses were happy, and would snort at me as I rode by, dogs were happy with the cool morning air and several ran nicely beside me with joy.

You know, come to think of it, too bad for the people who are in such a hurry. I'll take my Sunday on the slow side this time of year.

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