Thursday, September 20, 2007

No, really, BREATHE!

Yesterday, someone's Mom died across from Virginia Center Commons. She was coming out of the shopping center that has Ukrops and Target and the like, and its a supers busy place with all the stuff there. I guess she was in a hurry, and just pulled out right in front of a large truck carrying drain pipe. Honey, trucks cant stop on a dime. Thats not a mistake that she will make again, and the poor truck driver will have to live with the accident on his mind forever. (she had the red light)
So slow down. Breathe. There really is NOWHERE you need to be that you should risk killing yourself or others to get to.
Which of course leads me to this morning. I pretty much have to come a little cross country to get to work. I'd ride my bike to work, but its illegal to ride a bike on the Wiley Bridge. River Road in the summer is fine, but after September, the kids at St. Christophers go back to school. Its a private school and there are no buses. I swear those Mom's will just about kill everyone to get their kid to school. That includes other kids. The speed limit there is 45 mph, which is too fast.
This morning, I had a Mom so close to my bumper that I couldnt see her headlights. She was literally trying to PUSH me down the road. I was sure that my bike rack was going to impale her. Breathe honey. Leave earlier. I wasn't going to vault over the cars in front of me, and I doubted that she could have done it, either, Landrover or no.
Maybe its just as well that Dottie cant take me to work. I'm sure that no one out there today would have minded a bit running over us to save a few minutes.

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