Friday, September 21, 2007

Deep Sigh

Ok, so the Floyd decision came out yesterday. I don't know why its bothering me, it is exactly the decision that I thought they'd come to. After all its like a billion to 0 that you win in arbitration, now isn't it. Not that I think Floyd is innocent mind you... At some point though, I think that a decent rule of law should prevail. I really would rather have a quilty guy go free than have "the man" get to violate their own rules.

Really. I mean it. Crooks go free all the time. And when the evidence is mishandled, and the cops screw up, they should. Trust me, the crap really does sink to the bottom, and if we miss you this time, we'll catch you later. Or your associates will do you in. Same thing.

I do find it amusing that the people who make money off cycling are rarely the cyclists. Its the UCI officials, the race promoters, the team directors, the doctors and the like. Most pro cyclists are poor schleps from some impoverished back ground who will leave cycling as poor as they started. Yes, there are exceptions, but I bet the number of cyclists who make a million dollars a year is far fewer than the number of people who feed off cycling who make lots of money.

When J and I were at a Nike running camp, oh so many years ago, we got the USTF long distance chair drunk and pinned him about Reginia Jacobs. We had that deep gut bet the farm feeling that she was doping. I mean really, the rule of thumb is that at best you have 10 years to run fast from the time you start working at it. At close to 40, Regina was killing everyone. In bun huggers she was also starting to develop, um, a certain ... yeah, um, male looking appendage. What? Yeah, look. Funny how certain drugs can do funny stuff to the female anatomy. It was one of those, geez, am I seeing that? Dont look, have to look, dont look, have to look kind of things. All Jerry would say, was that she was no longer one of his favorite people.

Reginia of course got busted in the BALCO affair, quit the sport and now sells real estate and brags on her website about her records, national championships, and world medals.

Genevieve Jeanson has now admitted that she started taking EPO from 16 on. Her coach made her do it. This was after she proved that the EPO test that she got nailed by, was invalid, and got her suspension waived in a "you dont sue, we let you go away deal."

So I'm just not sure about anything right now. I am sure that if you are going to ruin someone's life, you better have your own act together. Its not good for the sport, its not ethical, its just plain not right. And if you are one of the schmucks who is cheating, you are stealing. And you suck.

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Jennifer said...

I heard about the news yesterday too and am pretty upset. I liked Floyd, I liked Tyler, Vino, all of them, and they all had to turn out to be cheaters (in my opinion), and you're right - that just sucks.