Saturday, February 9, 2008

Channeling Katie

Katie, being the good Mommy that she is, didn't do my mostly chicks ride this morning. I like my chicks with me, but sometimes you have to share and let Daddy ride, too. So we were really missing Katie's wackiness, dodging Katie snot, and responding to Katie hill charges.

Not so fast. We had Sonya along who decided to take Katie's place. J and I had gotten there early to put in some bonus miles, and Sonya dragged sickly Tom along to keep us honest. Just as I was really missing Katie, Sonya started channeling her. We'd get to a hill, and zip! There goes Sonya. If she had only started flinging snot, and changed her hair color from brown to red, we wouldn't have know the difference! All of a sudden, it was like I got two for the price of one!

Well, almost. We still missed Katie. I'm not sure that Sonya is quite ready for me to charge up beside her and smack her on the ass and scream GO! at her. Maybe next week. And maybe next week Tom will feel better and will stop hacking up lung cheese. If not, I'm bringing my SARS mask. That stuff spreads like wild fire.

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