Thursday, February 14, 2008

The up and comers

I do computrainer races at Endorphin on Wednesday nights. Every week it's a different race course designed to make me suffer like a dog. Some nights it's so bad that I think you could swim in the sweat under the trainer, my towel is soaked, the clothes are soaked, and my hair ends up looking like I dipped it in salt and oil. (I'm sure I make those disgusting slurping and grunting noises as well. I believe this because I'm always between Bill Sweatfactory , and James Gruntandgrown.

What Endorphin has done is put the computrainers on a platform. This allows them to hold our races, and a technique class at the same time. Yeah, I'm sure those people really want us flinging sweat and making those disgusting noises behind them, but that's tough.

So who gets the technique class on Wednesday nights? Juniors. All kinds of junior, big ones, little ones, coordinated ones, and two whose parentage must include Gumby. One poor kid is a goo factory, not fat, but no muscle, no bone, etc... When he goes to stand up on the bike, bad things happen. His feet must be size 13, and he is constantly sticking them where they don't belong. Funny thing about kids like that, next time I see him, he'll probably be offered a full scholarship at some big name school like my friend's son. He was a baby Gumby, too. Then all of a sudden he blossomed into an awsome pitcher. Who knew?

It's very distracting looking at the sea of potential bike racers as I'm trying to slog up some mountain in the Alps. All those little faces, keyed in on every one of Craig's words. He tells them how tough they are. He tells them how talented they are, and he tweaks them into future stars.

Me, I have James yelling at me when he gets to the line to hold my w/kg! Just watch the number, hold the number! Dig deep and go! Somehow thats as motivating to me as having Craig say the niceties. James tells it like it is. I have work to do...

If all those kids decide to race bikes instead of play soccer bike racing is set. The future sure looks bright on Wednesdays at Endorphin!

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