Saturday, February 2, 2008

Get em Katie!

There really is nothing like getting to ride HARD with the chicks on the team. Katie, J, and Sonya joined me for a jaunty 50 mile ride in the freezing cold. Along for the ride to keep us honest was Cliff and Tom, who rode his single speed of all things. Trust Tom to ride like a maniac to keep the pace high, so that we all stayed warm.

Katie's goal for the ride was to have J push her on all the hills. So the first big hill, Cliff pulled off and I rode up to Katie and smacked her in the ass and started screaming at her to "Go, go, GO!!!" J was laughing so hard that I thought that she'd fall off her bike, but Katie hunched up and went as hard as she could, which quickly left me, and my shouting, behind. Team work, gotta love it.

The whole ride was like that, lots of laughing, lots of hard work, and incredible bonding.

On the way back we dropped Sonya and Tom off and picked up a bunch of guys. They hooked up with us when we were blocked by traffic at a turn. J went up front and did exactly what she was told... 22 mph- nice and steady. Then Katie took over, 22 mph- nice and steady. Then our passengers decided that they weren't going to be pulled by a bunch of girls, and went to the front and promptly slowed the pace down.

Grrrr.... why do guys have to do such jerky things. We really didn't mind pulling them around, but messing up our work out just sucked. So, we had to kill them off. Sometimes you just have to do it.

The best thing about our women's team is how well we all bond together. It's going to be a great season. Katie is a tank, J is a flier, Sonya is steady as a rock. Jenn is the work horse that I rely on, and Tara when she can get back on the bike is going to just amaze people. She's the secret weapon. All of us have a combined wicked sense of humor. Fast chicks on bikes, what's not to love!

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