Monday, February 25, 2008

Goo at Jeff Cup

Sunday the girls and I (with Cliff as our guardian), went up to ride on the Jeff Cup course. 9 am, and we were there bright eyed and bushy tailed. Ok, not bright eyed. Cold. Definitely, cold. It was 30 some odd degrees at the house, but a whole lot colder out there, and the promised sun never did arrive.

Thats ok, after 3 laps of that course, you get a wee bit sweaty, you know? That and a wee bit full of snot. If you were in the huge pack of C'ville Racers that were arriving as we were swilling the bubbly stuff as we were leaving I hope you didn't slide and fall in the massive amounts of snot that were left on the road. Criminy, we're just gross.

Katie was sure that we were healthier for getting rid of all the lung cheese. I'm just not sure where all that crap comes from. Surely you have to run out at some point... don't you? Probably not as none of us did. Snot factories, thats all we are.

Now Katie and J are fast snot factories. I'm constantly amazed at how J can come back after a bad stress fracture as fit as she was when she got KO'd. And Katie, geez, she is on a mission. Every hill we'd come to she'd charge the hill. Me, I'm a decending charger. Being a bit top heavy does have its merits at time. Poor Sonya was watching the antics and just kept shaking her head at what she'd gotten herself in to.

Oh, and in that group of C'villers was Dee Dee looking absolutely amazing. Riding with a back pack no less. I bet the guys she was with were hoping that she had rocks in that thing. She looks the bomb. Be afraid girls, be very afraid.

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