Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Meaning of Joy

Yesterday, I got home from my hard ride feeling like the crap had been beaten out of me. Darn J, just kept going to the front and ripping everyone's legs off, and then would look back, all innocent like and say, "What?"

At the end of the ride all I wanted to do was come home and do some serious sofa time. Of course, that wasn't going to happen as we had company coming to dinner.

After taking a bath, I walked by the tv and there was a Kona repeat. I just happened to hit it at the end, with the feel good portion of the show. They showed 2 Hawaiian kids running, then Christie Wellington, running with her million watt smile, with her arms upraised with the British flag. Sheesh, if you could have hooked her up to the electrical grid, her smile could have lit up the planet. Now that was JOY. And that joy rubbed off on me.

What is joy? It's that deep down feeling that you gave it your all and all is good in the world. I did that. Yeah, J kicked my ass, but I gave every ounce that I had yesterday. I was deep down tired and deservedly so. J is going to kick everyone's ass. She is mad about her knee issues, and someone, all of us, are going to pay for it. Being in the line of fire is going to make me a better rider. Either that, or its going to kill me.

So my day was set. I was tired, but it was a good tired. And I made the world's most kick ass fish tacos. That was good, too. And I made my guests happy, which was the best. Bone Fish Grill look out. My fish tacos are better than yours. And they cost a whole lot less.

Joy is cheap. Come eat at my house. If you are hungry, I will feed you. Feed you good, too.

Oh, and to James, who also took me out and beat me up this morning... no fish tacos for you. I need a nap now! Just kidding. Fish tacos for James anytime. Getting to go ride with someone who is going to beat me up makes me stronger. And he did give me that nice push when I was dragging up a hill. Too bad he took that left turn just as we were heading into the wind to leave me to the next hour plus on my own!

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