Thursday, February 21, 2008

Dave Z's Diary on USA Today and other stuff...

USA Today has a Dave Z diary in the sports section. So if you haven't had your fix of his interesting sense of humor (or that wild thing that is growing on his face...) head on over and take a look. I keep having this funny feeling that if enough people actually read the darn thing, then maybe newspapers might decide that cycling is a SPORT and that it deserves coverage. Crazy thought, huh...

Last night my gang did our own version of big time racing... on the computrainer. Even J decided to come out and we had the full contingent of 8, with the junior techinique class going on in front of us, partially blocking the screen that shows all the good technical data.
For those of you who are dying to know, Gumby has already outgrown his bike, and his mother told me that this cycling stuff is getting to be right expensive. This is his second bike in a few months... Considering his continued lack of coordination, I'm suspecting that this will not be his last bike, either. She did get him cleats and real shoes, which he gallantly tried to click in with-- with bad results all night. I'm telling you, one day, he's going to surprise everyone. Just not today.
What is encouraging is the vast number of little girls in the group- some of whom look very promising. Girls that age are always more coordinated than the boys, and man does it show. Now if I could steal a few of them for the team! Here little girl... wanna race bikes? I'll give you candy!
All of this is going on while we are doing the infamous 10 mile time trial challenge. Time trial? Heck no! Its a hill climb slaughterfest! Flat, climb, decend, repeat... Every climb gets longer and steeper. J has a power to weight ratio that would make the best Tour riders jealous, and consistently had her w/kg in the upper 4's. It's sickening. Me, I'm happy at 3. I kill her on pure watts output, but that doesn't correlate into faster climbing, believe me.
Needless to say, she smoked me. I'm getting there though. I just have to keep telling myself that. I did finish mid-pack, with pretty decent numbers. So I'm happy. Slept like a rock, too!

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