Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Wednesday Rants

I got home from work yesterday after a really crappy day. Crappy because as much as I got done, none of it was what I have to have done by month end, it was stuff that had to be done immediately. So I still have a months worth of stuff to do, and just a few days to do it in. Welcome to me...

But, I got home after it rained most of the day. As I was getting close to the house, the clouds started to lift and I decided f'it, I'm going to ride outside. I live out in the country, and there are no street lights or house lights. Plus without city light, it flat gets dark. So I had to judge just how far I could go before it was too unsafe. But, I got to ride. Outside. During the week, and not in a business park. Yes, I was soaking wet, my bike is filthy and covered in worms, but I got to ride outside. What am I going to be doing tonight... cleaning the bike. It is just gross. Well, clean it after the computrainer races... (Oh, and yes, I know about bike lights... but, since people out in my neck of the woods aren't expecting to see bikes... you really have to ride in the light)

I thought about watching the debates, but why bother... Ever read the "Hitch hiker's Guide to the Galaxy?" I agree with Doug Adams, anyone who wants to be president of the universe is automatically not qualified for the job, they are crazy.

And speaking of crazy, Cliff was watching Glenn Beck the other day, and he had some wack job author on who basically said that Hillary Clinton is a fascist. Oh, and Mike Huckabee is fascist, because compassionate conservatism is a fascist stance. Um, so does that mean that Dubya is a fascist? Wasn't he the author of the whole compassionate conservative movement? Me, I just thought he was another nut job, so I guess I'm going to have to change my stance...

A friend sent me a newspaper article from Chicago about a guy who got killed in an auto accident with an SUV. Darn cars, right? Nope, it was one of those silly bike messenger races, and the dufus ran the red light and got plowed by the SUV. If you are going to be dumb, you had better be tough. He leaves behind a wife and kid (s?).

Oh, well, I'm going to get another caffeine free Diet Coke. After watching all the tv news last night giving Starbucks free advertising, I've decided to continue my ban on coffee. Coca mocha venti skim moolata blah, blah. What the hell is that? $5 bucks. Yeah, right.

Maybe I better switch back to the high test stuff.


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