Friday, February 29, 2008

Friday Funnies...

Ok, its Friday, the happiest day of the week. Execept of course if you have been practicing the fine art of procrastination and now have to do a weeks work in one day. Yes, hair will grow on your hands for that... Me, I'm safe. I've been busting my butt all week which now has completely drowned all the processing people and they now hate me. Sorry girls, thats just the way it is.

Ok, so this is reversed... I think we're the most boobilicious team in VAcycling. As long as none of us fall over we should be all right. Some how its got to be more aerodynamic-- forcing us into a lower front position... Like I told J the other day, we live in a spin world, and if you say something often enough, loud enough, and you are dumb enough, pretty soon you will start believing it. So here goes... I am aero. I am fast. I believe the skies will open up, the light will shine, and God will give my hiney a little push every now and then. I have HOPE.

Here's hoping that if the skies open that its sunshine and not rain this weekend for Sunny Hutchins. Racing begins again!


John P. said...

Great Post Karen, definitely more aero. :p What's this Sunny Hutchins thing?

Karen said...

OOh, Sunny Hutchins fast 1/3 mile crit on a stock car track, you go round, and round and round and round and when you are so dizzy you are gonna puke, you sprint and are done. Fun, fun, fun.