Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Felix's Angels

The new team kits came in last Thursday, just in time for the Sunny Hutchin's race. Felix got all of us ladies together for lunch, and surprised us with the snazzy new duds. Look cool, don't we. The little Munchkin in Pink is our soon to be secret weapon, Kylie. You know, my daughter. (Katie claims her but we all know that she is MINE!)

Felix is the coolest thing. For a guy who hasn't raced a bike in years, he has totally dedicated himself to this team. Thru thick and thin, he's out there beating the bushes to make sure that his "Angels" have the very best stuff he can. So here's to you Felix- from your biggest fans! If you want to see some cool photos from the race, head on out to Demoncats.com. Here is my favorite, J doing her best Eurotrash model pose... Just bitchin' isn't she...
And for one of those rare photos... Here is a picture of me, all bundled up chasing the break away down and pulling the entire field back. Coulda used a wee bit of help there girls... I was working for J, and the only thing I was interested in was bringing the break back and resting for the prime- snazzy glasses. Of course the prime came about a lap after I pulled the break back, and all I could get was second on the line. Rats.
J and Katie at the start talking strategy. Don't they look grand? Both of them can just flat ass rip your legs off! It's going to be a great season, and we're psyched (or psycho) ready to go!

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