Monday, March 17, 2008

The Dismal Slog

Well thats what Saturday looked like.... I can only hope to God that there are no pictures of the Sufferfest that made up Dismal Slog. Gilbert Craven came up to me after the race and told me that from the amount of white gunk on my face that I must have done all that I could.

I did. Criminy, I've never given birth before (Thank you God) but it must be something like that course. Women give birth all the time, and for some strange reason they forget and do it all over again. Just like Dismal Dash. Every year I swear that I'll never do that race again, and every year I show up just so that I can make myself suffer all over again.

Poor Sonya had to put up with the "thou shalt not be late" Karen stuff. I picked her up at 6:15 am for the drive down and we got to the race course about 8 am. We started at 11 or so. Yeah, but there was no chance that we were going to miss the race because of a car snafu. It has happened before. So if you drive with me, plan on being early to the event.

The sun was shining until we pulled into the parking lot. It came back out at 3 pm. It was ffffffreeeezing on the course. Oh, and it started to drizzle while we were out there. Tie that in with mega winds, and you have the Ultimate in torture. Sonya said that on the way back she decided that she would have rather have a toothpick stuck in her tear duct than continue. I was kind of hoping that a truck would hit me so that I could say that I gave it my all until I got creamed.

It probably didn't help that BJ blew by me on that gorgous new bike of hers. That course is flat and I could see her for a long time pulling away from me. ...

Come next year I'm sure to be out there toeing the line again. But maybe next year I won't be pulling a bus behind me on the way back in!

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