Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Cycor does Hilbert

While I was doing a hill ride on Sunday, my team mates were down the way at Camp Hilbert doing another gnarly mountain bike race. I like my mountain bike, but since I rarely get to ride her, Boo Boo lives at Cliffs on the off chance that I'll have time to ride while I'm there. Trust me, it doesn't happen much...

There are some great pictures here:http://www.photoreflect.com/pr3/OrderPage.aspx?pi=0GZC0010040140&po=140 that first one is team mate Brad. I would have stolen the picts but they are protected so you'll have to click on the linky thing.

Kudo's to Sonya Gagnon in her first mountain bike race winning the women's beginner race! You are going to be a rock star! And Tom Richeson smokin' the men's masters race. (Tom comes out and rides his single speed with the girls some times just to keep us honest.) Paula was in third in the Pro/expert race until a stick in the deraileur necessitated a repair where our bud Carol Ensor slipped past her. Steve Hein was 7th in the Clydesdale, and Brad Turner was 6th in the whopper beginner men race.

Everyone looked like they had so much fun that I'm itching to give it a try again at some point. My first, and last mountain bike race was at Lodi Farm, and after crashing there 12 times the fun kind of went out of it! Since I'm a slow learner.... (yeah, right!) Congrats everyone!

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