Monday, March 10, 2008

Yin and Yang

Saturday I went in to work to make up for all the time I spent Friday getting the MRA of my hip. Working on a Saturday sucks, but at least this day was raining and windy. Except that by 11 am the rain had stopped and the wind hadn't started... So I went home, and when the sun came out I went out to haul mulch around. By noon, it was sunny and dead calm. So despite the high wind warnings I did what any crazy cyclist would do.

Yep, I went in and got the bike. Now the last time I went out despite the weatherman's dire reports I got hooked up in the worst thunderstorms/tornadoes to hit central VA in years, and while hiding under a tree to get away from the trees crashing around me got my bike crunched for my troubles. I'm a slow learner.

So I headed out, got 1.5 miles from the house when the wind started. One second I was on one side of the road, then the next I was teetering on the ditch on the other side. Oh, and then the deluge started. Somehow I made it home, for a grand total of a little less than 4 miles. Yep, and then the sun came out again...

Which was a good thing that I got home at that point as Citi Bank called to let me know that someone in the UK had my credit card number and was apparently starting a band. It's always nice to help out the band you know. Too bad they had to have my credit card to do it with. This is the second time this has happened, last time some turkey in Mexico charged $35,000 on my card.

Sunday I was bound and determined to make up for days off the bike. So J and Cliff came over to ride with me on my hill ride. Since I'm essentially doing one legged drills up hills now I'm sure this was loads of fun for them. Even more fun for me as I'm trying to force that left leg to do some of the work. I swear it would be easier to just get it over with and clip out with that leg!

When I finally got to Hadensville, J and Cliff were at the picnic tables waiting for me. I pulled in, and almost got creamed by a pick up truck that was trying not to hit a parked motorcycle. I bet seeing me 2" from his grill made his hiney pucker... it sure did mine! I mean crap, if I was going to get hit, why not hit me as I was suffering up all those hills? Hitting me as I get to the store and have a chance to go pee is just not fair!

It was close, but there was no paint exchange. The motorcyclist kept yelling at me, "They never see us, man! Never see us! F'ers just blind, man. Just blind!" You got that right, brother, got that right.

Hope your weekend was exciting as well!

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