Saturday, March 29, 2008

Over-rated things

At my level there are many things that I think are over rated... The Zipp Sub-9 disc wheel which I'm sure is great, but at $1000+ more than my Renn 575 disc I think I'll take the extra cash and actually buy gas so I can go to races. (maybe train a bit more, too...) When I bought the Orbea (used) I outfitted it with Ultegra vs. Dura Ace. Same reason. The cost- benifit ratio just didn't justify the extra cost. If I'm going to save some weight, I better put the fork down first, and spend money later. Plus, I've seen what happens when people start getting weight crazy on their bikes... (right, Bill?)

One thing that just plain isn't over-rated is breathing. Years ago when I was a pretty competitive local runner a couple friends of mine were training during the worst summer in Virginia for Ozone. 5 pm, every day we were out cranking out the miles in 95 degree plus code orange/red ozone days. By October I had this little man who sat on my chest everyday. Finally I called my PCP and told him that I thought I was dying. Since I'm not much of one for doctors, he called me in immediately.

Since then, all of my buddies who I was running with that summer have come down with sudden onset acute asthma. Most stopped running. Me, I'm on Advair every day, even though I try unsuccessfully every year to get off of it. I have to face it, its just not going to happen.

Like everyone with Asthma, I have triggers. For me, its pollen, and mold. The alergist swears I'm not allergic, that I have reactions to particulate. Like what the hell is the difference?!!! I knew that this year was going to be bad because of how mild the winter was, and as always, I haven't been disappointed. I finally got on the bike this week today. I think I averaged about 13 mph, for 17 miles, and thought I was going to die. I've been holding down the sofa for the better part of the week, and finally got some prednisone to try to get the lung swelling to go down. Pretty much everyone has been happy that the vocal cords also swelled so the voice was the first to go.

I'm really missing the whole easy breathing thing, but as with everything, this too shall pass... or kill me. I'm hoping for the pass part. So if you all see Katie, Sonya and J tommorrow at Jeff Cup, give them some good words. I'll be home, sulking on the sofa.

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