Thursday, January 31, 2008

Demotivations Anyone?

My friend J, sent me the latest offering from thier take on those cute little Valentine candies. You know,"BE MINE!", but with a Dispair twist. I thought that I could make up my own, but nope, you have to use the ones that they picked.
After my sterling performance in the computrainer races last night I know that I can come up with something bettter than, "BE MINE!" Just a quick little reminder candy to make me know that I'd better be suffering now, so that I can suffer with style later on this spring. Later as we all know, is rapidly approaching. So I have a whole season of suffering to look forward to.
How about
Yeah, yeah, its the end of January and I'm already beating myself up. Someone's got to do it. James stepped up to the plate last night and kept screaming at me to keep my watts/kilogram at 3. I was immeniently about to throw up on him, but I did it. I don't care what he does, he's never going to be as bad as J yelling at me. She's just itching for that job!

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