Monday, January 14, 2008

The Rise and Fall

Saturday I raced to catch up to James and his training group after my old friends from Baltimore cleared out. Of course James didn't exactly give me the "where" of where I could probably meet them, so I had to make a guess and go with it. Yes, I was wrong. Jumping on a bike and hitting speeds that I have no business hitting at this time of year to ride to catch someone was DUMB. I did make it though, and was glad for it.
James is going to make an excellent coach. I've been trying to teach the girls how to do a clockwise pace line for awhile, James had his group doing it on the first try. (helps that he brought chalk and drew diagrams on the ground.) I have to say it, I was impressed.
After we dropped them back at the real start point I got to ride the 10 miles back home by myself. Yep, shoulda ate breakfast as I bonked and then thought that the buzzards were going to have to eat me. Whammo, I haven't felt that bad on a bike since my first crits back racing Tour du Port and Peake over the summer. I was dizzy, legs turned to goo, and if I could have caught a cab, I would have.
Sunday came and I was dreading going for my 44 mile hill ride. Good thing for me, everyone called to cancel. Bad thing for me, I decided to try to run. 1/2 mile in, and the calf went again. I ended up spending the rest of the day on the couch feeling sorry for myself. Whaaaaahhhhh!
As I was feeling sorry for myself, the fabulous Ms J headed up to Fredericksburg to collect her booty for being the overall winner of the Fredericksburg Area Run Club's race series. Way to go J, beat everyone up on the bike and on the run! (Now to convince her to buy a tt bike with her winnings...)

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