Friday, January 11, 2008

Riding to Nowhere

If you are going to have to ride on the trainer, it certainly helps to have company to making the suffering go by faster. So from now until ? every Thursday night is trainer hell night at Contes in Richmond. Everyone is welcome to come, bring their bike and trainer as we do Spinervals workouts on the big screen tv.

Last night riding to nowhere in the store sure beat running to somewhere outside in the rain. Not that I can run right now with the calf tear, but riding seems to be ok. Even if sitting on the trainer is a pain in the ass. With J cracking dirty jokes, and Mark Pye taking the bait every time, well... you just had to be there. James even brought out his new/old tt bike, Pokey. (I'm sure that when Dan King owned it it was called Speedy... ) Brad was out on his mountain bike, and even Kat got to ride for once instead of managing the store.

So those who missed it this week, come on out next week. Dinner at Da Lat (Vietnamese) afterwards!

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