Friday, January 25, 2008

January Blues

I made it til now avoiding all the winter crud that everyone else seems to have picked up, and that everyone else seems bound and determined to spread around. Shoot, now I have it, and even my computer is sick.

Last week my computer picked up something nasty and just flat ass died. Reboot it, heck I couldn't get that far. My friend Paul has it, and everytime I see him he does this Rabbi rock back and forth thing murmuring, "Geez, Aw Geez! It's bad, it's bad. " In my book, it's bad usually has dollar signs right along side it, so I know exactly where I'll be spending that "tax refund" if there ever is such a beast.

Wednesday I was feeling dopey all day, but decided to head out to Endorphin Fitness to join the boys for another masochistic computrainer race. Yeah, ten mile time trial challenge! Me vs, all the guys! Uh-huh. By mile two, my power was dropping like a rock, and by mile 9 I was so dizzy I couldn't see the screen, and by 9.5, I had to get off the bike and lay down.

The last time I felt that bad was my first crit back after hip surgery. I got dropped in like the first 1/4 mile, caught back on about 4x, and then tt'd it to the end all by my lonesome. Wednesday night, I couldn't catch back on, and couldn't even cool down. I just lay on a bench trying to get everyone to leave me the "F" alone before I died on the spot.

I even blew off dinner with James and Kristin. Blowing off free food is a definite "Aw, geez" signal.

Yesterday I slept all day. I finally got up and went to the dump which made me so tired that I had to take a nap. When I got up to get something to drink, it likewise wore me out so I took another nap.

Lets hope this crap infects someone else quick. I'm not a good sick person. I've been trying to read contracts all morning, and that too isn't going well. If I wasn't sitting on a balance ball, I'd fake it and just take a nap now, but I think that could end very badly.

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Jennifer said...

I know that crud feeling all too well! I hope you feel better soon!!!!!!