Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Operation Smile

Well, for one, it's my goal of the day... to smile more. It's glorious outside, and even if it is freezing inside due to the fact that everyone down here keeps the a/c cranked up all the time, I'm going to smile about it. I have my Gore-tex jacket with me, and if it gets too bad I'll take off the suit jacket and put on the Gore-tex. And I'll smile about it, too.

The other goal for the day is to collect stuff for Operation Smile. You know, the important one. James' wife Susan teaches and one of her classes is collecting stuff for this great organization. What is Operation Smile? They are that fabulous bunch of plastic surgeons and dentists who fly to 3rd world countries to perform surgeries like cleft pallet, etc... on poor kids so that they can hope to lead a more normal life. How does Susan's class play in? They collect things that you and I take for granted... like those little hotel soaps, shampoos, child size tooth brushes and tooth paste... and make take home care kits for the kids after their surgery.

Do you have any idea how much of that stuff I take from hotels and then never use? Lots. It's sickening.

So if you are a frequent traveler like I am, how about collecting this stuff and saving it up for a race to give to me. Or better yet, give it to James' daughter, Kristin. She's the beautiful jr on our team who will be proudly wearing her State Champion jersey this year. We'll be everywhere, we're not hard to find.

Ok, I'm off to my meditation, and no besides eating out last night and seeing Thomas Edison's house I haven't been to or seen, anything. It's a glorious 56 degrees right now and the local weather is calling it freezing. High for today, 76 degrees, which I'll get to experience vicariously by looking out the window. I'm smiling about it though!

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