Monday, January 7, 2008

All Kinds of Fun

Saturday I got to introduce new member Sonya to the team. I met Sonya at our tt when she came up after her ride and offered to help clean up the trash that other riders had left behind. I love workers, who couldn't help but love a fast chick who will help clean up! Sonya brought Tom, who used to race at the beach. Amy came out dispite her knee injury, which got Katie to come out. J couldn't be left behind with a group like that, and we even got my buddy Paul to come out for the pre-ride run. All in all, a close to perfect outing.

To make it better, we didn't scare Sonya off after the ride when the usual off the cuff weird discussions started. At least I hope we didn't!

We proabaly didn't as she showed up at Cliff's on Sunday for our mountain bike ride. She was a bit hesitant on Saturday as she didn't want to be left behind with Paula and crew coming out.
I told her there was no way she was getting left behind as I was actually going to ride. I haven't been on Boo Boo since before my hip surgery, and in my save the hip state I was certainly not taking any chances. Yep, it was Sonya who left me behind.

The difference between mtn bikers and roadies is that everyone waited for me. Some of them had to wait a long time, too! It will take awhile, but that balance stuff on the trail will come back. I just need to actually ride the trails. Confidence will eventually return, too. It's amazing how quickly those skills go!


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