Tuesday, January 15, 2008

And this little piggie...

You know that you have good buddies when one of them will ride laps around a business park with you, at night, in the cold. Steve met me at Luck Stone and we headed out to do laps of West Creek. As soon as we got on the road, I looked down and noticed no booties on Steve's feet. Youch. No booties and just knee warmers and shorts!

I gotta tell you, I had insulated booties, insulated tights, a fleece lined jersey and a Goretex jacket and Goretex Windstopper gloves. I did decide to be brave (stupid) and didn't wear the helmet liner as it gives me Medusa locks. Yep, the only thing on my body that actually got cold was my head and ears.

Poor Steve. After a lap, he was having trouble feeling his feet. To keep us occupied we had the usual cycling banter going about the joys of frostbite, how not to die of hypothermia, how to keep water bottles from freezing and why plastic wrap really isn't a good idea to use as a foot warmer. All that while his little piggies were screaming at him to stop the insanity...

When I finally couldn't take the monotony of going round and round any longer, poor Steve couldn't walk. Geez, I know what that's like.

For tonight's ride, which is predicted to be even colder, he has promised me to be better equipped foot wise. It's amazing how proficient I've become at on the road doctoring, but I have issues with amputating some one's toes in the parking lot!

And by the way, you gotta check out Steve's new bike... SWEET!

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