Monday, January 28, 2008

If this is Monday...

Then this must be Ft Meyers, Fl. I'm feeling pretty blue because its incredibly warm and sunny, and here I am, without a bike, and still not able to run. Tomorrow I'll be in a mediation all day and won't be able to enjoy the Vit. D, either. If I'm going to go to Fl for a mediation it really ought to be over something a whole lot more fun than a tomato patch flooding.

Saturday James talked me into going out to Orange (think the sticks) to watch a new movie "The Road to Roubaix." It didn't take much talking to get me to go, he pulled up the trailer and I was ready. I love that race, watching other people suffer like dogs just does something warm and fuzzy to my soul.

Wanna watch? Go to
I'd put the video up for you, but I was born blond and still can't figure that stuff out yet. Maybe someday. Probably not...

So off we trooped to the wilds of Orange to find the Cultural Arts Center where I got a wee bit more details on what we were seeing. Turns out, it wasn't to watch the movie, but the sales pitch to get me to donate money to help them finish the movie. Sorry dudes, cyclist here. Any money I have goes into bikes and stuff. I did drink a few glasses of wine which had James casting a hairy eyeball in my direction, but when it came to the sales pitch, it was exit, stage left.

Now if he had offered to pre-sell the movie, I would have been in line. I think that movie is going to be just gnarly. I want it, and I want it now. James is going to email the guys and see if maybe we can opt for something like that. If so, I'll let everyone know. This one is going to be great.

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gwadzilla said...

fort myers...
my grandmother lived in fort myers up until last year

did you catch the sunset somewhere?

sea kayak at Sanibel Island?

eat pit beef at Fat Boy's bbq?

it is a weird place
the Shell Factory does not help