Monday, January 21, 2008

Ok, it's cold

Saturday I tried my first run in a week to see how the calf would hold up. So how'd that go? In the immortal words of John Boy and Billy, Not too good. One mile in there was a twinge, and instead of taking the hint, I decided to see if it was really going to go bad. Yep, a half mile later it did.

I still managed to ride 30 miles after that, and got home in time to ice it real good and finally break out the "boot" so that I won't be tempted to do something dumb until the stupid calf actually has time to heal.

This of course made me completely cranky and testy. Injuries just suck.

Sunday was not only bitterly cold but wickedly windy as well. Cold I can do, wind, no way. So since I couldn't ride, and couldn't run I sulked. At least I didn't go out and spend money.

The best part of the weekend came in the afternoon when we had a get together at Contes to try on the fit kits for the new team uniforms. Not only did Kat buy a spread for everyone to nibble on, but a few of us more intrepid slackers even brought adult beverages. If its going to be cold, you might as well drink to stay warm! Best of all was having James bring my newly built up - new to me Orbea Orca for me to take home! Yeah, Oscar is in the house! (James calls it the Great Pumpkin.)

So tonight I might (wont) be able to go out for a run, and at 9 degrees will not be riding in West Creek. I will get to be on the trainer in the living room getting Oscar dialed in. If its going to suck outside, at least it can be festive inside at my house! Thanks James. You rock!

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