Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Climbing Anyone?

I have issues with climbing. Most of them mental, and some physical. Being asthmatic does not make for swift pedaling uphill. Add to that that stinking hip problem and I've developed quite the complex for all things vertical.

So imagine my surprise on Saturday when for the second week in a row I beat all the guys up both big hills on the way out to Ashland...

It makes me start to wonder... hmmm, maybe that Wintergreen thing might just be doable now... Maybe. I've actually had far less trouble climbing the mountain in non-race situations than on race day. Two years ago my leg went numb and I couldn't get the breathing under control and thought that it was the better part of something (not valor) to whimp out rather than get carted off in an ambulance. That's the psych part of asthma. Sometimes adrenaline helps shut down those breathing tubes.

It's been a tough row post surgery this spring, but I think I'm really starting to see some power come back in the leg. I keep having these good day/bad day issues and if I do a mountain climb, it had better be on one of those good day deals. Sunday, was not a good day. I guess I'm only allotted so many of those per week. So maybe, God willing and the creek don't rise, I'll be back out suffering with everyone else this year.

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